Internship Program

  1. Internship is compulsory and rotator in nature.

  2. Duration: 6 months

  3. Eligibility: Internship will start immediately after the declaration of result of final year, if candidate is declared pass in all four years.

  4. Structure of the postings: The place of postings of the students for internship will be decided by the norms of MGM Institute’s University Department of Prosthetics & Orthotics.

  5. Mode of supervision during internship: Supervision will be provided by the faculties of MGM Institute’s University Department of Prosthetics & Orthotics.

  6. Maintenance of records by students: Every student should maintain records of the number of hours of clinical work in different areas and institutions. This should be certified by the Head of the MGM Institute’s University Department of Prosthetics & Orthotics.

  7. Extension of internship: Internship shall be extended by the number of days the student remains absent.

  8. Grading and evaluation of student: Grading and evaluation will be done by the institute, where the candidate is doing internship. The student will be required to repeat those postings in which his/her performance is found unsatisfactory.

  9. Internship completion certificate would be awarded by MGM Institute of Health Sciences after the successful completion of the internship.

Working Days & Attendance

Date of Commencement: 01st August, Every Year.

The program would be conducted for at least 200 working days each year, exclusive of the period of examination and admission. The institution shall work for a minimum of thirty six hours in a week (six days), during which physical presence in the institution of all the teachers and clinicians is necessary to ensure their availability for advice, guidance, dialogue and consultation as and when needed.

No student would be allowed to appear in the examination, unless she/he has attended at least 75% of total number of classes in theory and 80% in practical. 100% attendance in internship is compulsory.